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Visualising essay structures

I’m in the throws of A-level revision at the moment and as ever struggling to teach exam technique so my students get it and more importantly remember it. I see things in pictures so in the last week I’ve tried … Continue reading

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Crowd sourcing a revision book

There is not a single course for A-level history. In fact there are numerous paths with different exam boards. This is great. Variety is indeed the spice of life. BUT it does mean that when it comes to revision there … Continue reading

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Stop bullying the history teacher!

I’m fed up. Since the publication of Gove’s proposed new history curriculum the newspapers, radio and television haven’t stopped with debate and discussion. This is great. I am pleased that the subject I care about so much is this important … Continue reading

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Outstanding lessons are not planned in isolation

Only a few gifted teachers can plan an outstanding lesson in isolation. For the rest of us mere mortals I strongly believe the only way to plan an outstanding lesson is to do so in┬ácollaboration, sharing ideas and discussing the … Continue reading

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