An 18th century Christmas

An 18th Century Christmas PowerPoint

Mummer’s Play


Starter: What are the main features of Christmas?

Quick class discussion. Fingers crossed they’ll say Santa, trees, presents etc.



Teacher Explanation:

Teacher led explanation that many of our Christmas icons are actually Victorian and that Christmas in the 18th century was much more focused around winter folk traditions, e.g. mummer’s plays.

Task: Mummer’s Plays

Split your group in two. They will be competing mummer’s groups and perform the same play. You can act as judge. Each group will need the following characters:

  • Father Christmas
  • Saint George
  • Dragon
  • Bonaparte
  • Doctor
  • Jack Vinney
  • Niddy Noddy
  • Belzebub
  • Saucy Jack

Props would be a winner here – lots of plastic swords! Give each group the script and let them rehearse and then eventually perform.

Plenary: Discussion

Use the last bit of your lesson to unpack the ideas / concepts / weirdness they have just experienced and use it to compare to their own Christmas.


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