Crowd sourcing a revision book

There is not a single course for A-level history. In fact there are numerous paths with different exam boards. This is great. Variety is indeed the spice of life.

BUT it does mean that when it comes to revision there is often not a revision book for the kids. Students love a revision book. A simple list of the facts they need to know in little bite sized boxes with pictures to keep them amused.

So here’s a quick solution, a flash of brilliance in a week of mediocrity, get the students to crowd source one.

Two weeks ago I made a list of everything my A2 students needed to know for their USSR – Triumph and Collapse 1941 to 1991 course. I divided the list, giving each student one section, e.g. the Soviet economy during WW2, and told them to make a single page revision poster with little boxes, a picture or two, that focused on the facts and preferably included a bit of historiography. Two weeks later, and with some arm wrestling for the lazy ones, I now have a solid revision book. I added in the list of what they needed to know, made a list of every exam question et voila!

Take a look below to see the results. They are pretty blooming good if I don’t say so myself!


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