A First World War scheme of work – 2nd draft of initial ideas

A ton of people gave me feedback on my initial ideas so thank you to those folks. In reply to the amount of causality – yes there is a lot but I wanted the assessment on this hence its over emphasis. But I wanted it to be causality plus! as its Year 9 thus the combination of causality and interpretation.

Anyway Draft 2 is below, as before please feel free to give more feedback, it really helped before and has come on leaps and bounds.

WW1 scheme of work

Lesson 1: why are people in Avonmouth digging up horseshoes in their gardens?
Link in with Avonmouth remount depot
Also add in Beauforty Military hospital (now Glenside) (possible link to Stanley Spenser) and link to Arnos Vale cemetery
One Bristol man’s story from the front (need to find this)
End on how did we get here. Use this as hook for causality
Will need simple narrative of war with numbers dead and injured. Macro and micro history

Lesson 2: Marxist interpretation – Imperialism
Rise of empire
Needs to cover Britain. Russia, Germany, etc.
Alliance system. End of splendid isolationism
Grey in London zoo anecdote
Conan Doyle quote
Clip from Joyeux Noel

Lesson 3: Fischer interpretation – Germany
New power
Naval arms race
Kaiser in the bath cartoon

Lesson 4: Clarke interpretation – Serbia
Assassination of FF
Needs more here

Lesson 5&6: Assessment
Something about Combining causality and interpretation.
Explain interpretation
Explain WHY?
Explain your personal interpretation
Essay but with something more.

Lesson 7: Was it all mud and rats? (Needs work)
Life during WW1 on the front.
Needs hook. Could put in Harry Patch for local element or use the audio clip that Jamie Byrom used at TeachMeet
Source based lesson
Comparison of British and German perspectives
Breadth lesson building on themes in lesson 1

Lesson 8: lions led by donkeys? Needs decent q
Haig and Somme
Use Blackadder v funeral footage
Depth lesson on one battle
Link in with memorialisation

Lesson 9: needs enquiry q
Global perspective beyond Western Front
Use TE Lawrence as a focus
Could also look at Jut, Brusilov

Lesson 10: Did life at home get better during ww1? (Needs better q)
DORA, conscription etc
Role of women

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