Timeline overviews

Two problems:

1. I’m bored of answering the question “What is the date of…?”

2. I want my students to have a greater sense of how the history we teach fits together chronologically

A solution (hopefully):

Provide students with an overview timeline that is stuck into the front of their exercise books so that they can take responsibility for dates and see on one page how our different units fit together.

Here’s my Year 8 one…

Year 8 History Overview


And a Year 9 one…

Year 9 History Overview


And one for my GCSE class…

Unit 1 Ancient Medicine


Here’s the PPT files if you’d like them to tweak and use yourself:



Unit 1 Ancient Medicine

Year 8 History Overview

Year 9 History Overview

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3 Responses to Timeline overviews

  1. Heather F says:

    I’ve made timelines around my walls, just a laminated A4 sheet for each event. I find myself frequently contextualising new events with them. Works like a dream. Kids liked the sense of accomplishment as we made our way along the timeline of Chinese history last year. Even better, I avoided the end of summer term DVD by getting the kids to each do an event for a Cold War timeline.

  2. ben says:

    these aare great, very good for putting on my VLE for students to see, as we do similar….any chance of a yr 7 one? If not, I will have a go over xmas and email it to you, from 1066-Tudors.

  3. ben says:

    Actually, I will be tempted to use Captivate to put a voice over as the user hovers their mouse over each section….that would be very engaging for students.

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