Word of the week! – I need your help

As part of the drive to improve literacy next year I want to introduce a faculty wide ‘word of the week‘.  This might sound a bit naff (and I admit that it does) but I think it’s necessary and should have a positive impact.

I teach predominantly high ability students and yet they have a weak range of vocabulary that means their writing lacks maturity and flair.  I am determined to change this.

The idea is that each week there will be a designated keyword. This word will be presented on a poster, with its definition and an example of it in practice, in each classroom, and hopefully if budget allows in a proper frame somewhere prominent. Then if any student uses it correctly and appropriately (no shoe horning allowed) they get a merit or a prize or some kind. This practice will cover KS3 to KS5 as this problem needs to be addressed in all my students whether they be 11 or 18.

Now there are 39 weeks of the year so I need 39 words and this is where I need your help! Below are a few I’ve already come up with:

  • Plethora
  • Tumultuous
  • Dichotomy
  • Appease
  • Cumulative
  • Oblivious
  • Zealous
  • Jubilant

But this isn’t enough!

What do you think I am missing? What are your favourite words? What are the best words to improve a piece of history writing?

Please help me by filling in the form below – you can add one word or five words or more – it’ll take less than a minute and will help me immeasurably. Plus I promise to share the full list in September! Thank you in advance.


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One Response to Word of the week! – I need your help

  1. T Chakraborti says:

    Here is one- reticence. Why don’t you use favoritewords(dot)com for your list? It’s a free tool. I have joined up there recently, it lacks some features but it’s still in beta, so… I am pretty sure you’ll love using it. You can build your list easily there.

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