Literacy in History

At the Schools History Project conference this year I ended up in a lot of plenaries or workshops talking about literacy and its importance. The plenary by Dale Banham and Russell Hall and the workshop by Donald Cummings and Dan Lyndon Cohen being the best.

As with all good workshops they got me thinking and reflecting on my own practice and how I could improve. This isn’t to say I haven’t thought about literacy before, but the sessions really made me reassess. 

In particular both sessions mentioned the use of ‘literacy mats’ – laminated self help guides that can sit under exercise books and be referred to during extended pieces of writing (interestingly my mum was using this idea years ago in primary schools). I loved this idea and also thought it could build on my work earlier in the year where I got Post-16 to visualise different parts of an essay.

So last week with the advice of colleagues in school and on Twitter I set about to make a literacy mat. I found an example of one on the forum with time periods at the top so stole that idea. I used my visualisation of essays in the middle. Nicked Donald Cumming’s connectives from the Holmfirth High mat. Stole some grammar ideas from the English Dept at RGS. Added our own source work sentence starters, a brief bit about achieving higher levels that I’ve used with Year 9 this year and sat down with a colleague to make a list of the most commonly mis-spelled words. Et voila!

An image of the mat is below. If you click on it you can download a high quality pdf of it. Hope its of some use, I obviously haven’t tried it myself yet so look forward to next year!

history literacy mat

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5 Responses to Literacy in History

  1. Stephanie says:

    This is brilliant. I posted a literacy mat on HTDF with dates at the top like that so I feel entirely justified in happy skipping off into the classroom-sunset with this beauty!! 🙂

  2. pvtcsocst says:

    Reblogged this on Humanities Teaching & Learning and commented:
    A really nice example of a literacy mat for History something we could look to develop as the year progresses perhaps?

  3. Michael Maddison says:

    Good morning Richard – I am very interested in any initiative which supports literacy in history. Please get in touch.

  4. Avril says:

    This is great, thanks – I’ll print/laminate it for my daughter to have on her desk at home so she can refer to it during homeworks etc.
    Could we please have a copy of your yr8/9 book cover too? Also love your word of the week posters… might collate them into a booklet for her to pick/choose from – she likes using new, impressive words in her work and, as you’ve said, you’ve chosen words that fit well. Great resources, thank you very much 🙂

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