Star SPAGgled banner

Whether you like it not (I don’t) students will be marked on their spelling, grammar and punctuation (SPAG) at KS4 from now on. In history the number of points available is actually quite significant so its something that we need to directly address.

As KS3 Coordinator I am hugely interested in the KS3 to KS4 transition and as SPAG is going to be important at KS4 we need to start the marking and development of this at KS3 so the students are ready and not just stumped with it when they enter Year 10.

However I don’t think its appropriate for it to become a limiting factor on getting a certain level or not. Nor do I want SPAG to become some beast of burden for my colleagues and my students.

Therefore I have come up with a simple three-star system. Each KS3 assessment from now on will have three SPAG stars available on top of the official level given. One star means you’ve made quite a few mistakes, two stars means only a handful and three stars means nearly perfect.

SPAG banner


When the teacher marks the assessment the banner above will be on the official mark scheme that we staple to their work. All they do is highlight the appropriate number of stars. It’s a star SPAGgled banner!

This way we’ve introduced SPAG in a very simple way, we’ve sowed the seeds but not made it onerous.

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