Further adventures with sense of period…

Ok back to more sense of period stuff (apologies if I am boring you)

Sense of period in one object:

I used the Frank’s Casket in lesson this week. I printed out images of each panel and got the kids to do a layers of inference activity with it. Before we began I pointed out that there were two stories that they would know to give them a point in the right direction towards Romulus and Remus and the Magi. It worked a treat as they now understand these people are Christian, still have strong links to their Roman past and are tribal in terms of fighting. A picture is below of this truly ace artefact.

Summarising a period in a few words:

As you can tell we’ve been doing the Anglo-Saxons this week as I didn’t want to do what I normally do and gloss over the Dark Ages but as I have some spare time really go to town on it. We studied a timeline, chatted about differing immigrants, Alfred yadda yadda. Anyway the kids then summarised this into 20 words. It’s less sense of period but it’s great:

Forces withdrawn, German immigrants, increased numbers, rulers turn to Kings, Scandinavian raids, Alfred wins, one country.”

Summarising a period in less than 12 pictures:

In the last few weeks I played around with Ian Dawson and Dale Banham’s idea of summarising a period in less than 100 words (see previous post). BUT I didn’t want to keep doing the same task, so decided that when we got to the Romans I would tweak the idea. Instead of producing a written summary I got the kids to summarise the period in less than 12 pictures. The outcomes are not as successful as the written pieces but they are still pretty good, got the kids thinking and consolidated their knowledge, so winner in my book. One of the best is below.


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