Panic over – tweets to the rescue

I haven’t blogged for a while but a few things have happened in the last few weeks that need a blog or two written about them. The first is the development of my history department Twitter account. I’ve blogged about this before but the @RGSHistory twitter account has come into its own this year.

Firstly I’ve noticed that far more of my kids have Twitter accounts than last year, in fact nearly all my Year 12s do and most of my Year 11s. Therefore the tweets have had a greater impact. Thus with exam season upon us I wondered at Easter how I could use Twitter to help revision. Working out that I could schedule a tweet to appear at a specific time and date using Tweetdeck I wrote enough tweets so there would be one for every day from the end of April until their exam and told the kids it would appear each day at 9am for Year 12 and 10am for Year 13. For example today Year 13 got “Dissidence: You MUST know the names and actions of at least three PLUS an overview of how B dealt with them #yr13revision” (they have studied Brezhnev). This in itself has worked well with a large number of kids following us and discussing these tweets in lessons or using them to structure their revision over this period.

But the other evening, the night before their exam I tried something else that had an even greater impact. At 6pm I tweeted “#Year12 I am leaving Twitter open tonight, so any last questions tweet me”, within four hours I had received sixteen tweets and helped seven or eight of my students with their last minute panics, tweeting out links to appropriate Wiki pages or giving exam technique advice. The instant nature of this conversation and the fact that all the students could see it so even if they weren’t directly asking the questions or receiving the replies meant this was a very easy way to reassure and advise some very panicky students, a win in my books.

I notice that Ben over at @BGSHistory is doing something similar with revision questions, if you are doing anything similar or different to this I’d love to hear from you.

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2 Responses to Panic over – tweets to the rescue

  1. Robin says:

    I am too. See @BSGHistory. I’m in Bournemouth.

  2. davestacey says:

    Great minds! We’ve created @olchfahistory for revision – we’re also posting the same thing to a facebook page and a school blog.

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