The joy of YouTube – Home Learning the kids enjoy

Like most History teachers I rely on the genius of YouTube to enrich my lessons, whether its the classic animated Bayeux Tapestry ( or the shockingly good Der Feuhrer’s Face featuring Donald Duck as a Nazi (

However, it is only recently that I have harnessed its power to showcase student work. With my school Gmail account I created a linked YouTube account ( and have begun either setting video making tasks in lessons (quite successful) or setting video making Home Learning tasks (very successful). I then get the best videos emailed to me and upload them or playlist them from the kids own YouTube accounts. This is all, stupidly easy, but its had a massive impact. Students love using video editing software and are amazingly good at it, with large numbers of my classes making their own weird and wonderful videos as a hobby anyway. Therefore this Home Learning is fun to them and the product they produced is amazing. Just look below at a couple of ace examples that are either playlisted from my account or hosted by my account.

This is the first of my Year 12 videos that they were all set for Home Learning to consolidate the narrative they had learnt so far (instructions can be seen here: Check back for more later!

Completed by a Year 8 for Home Learning for a recent Medieval Scheme of Work. All independently researched and made. Amazing!

So far so good then! How long this ‘fun’ lasts is anyone’s guess, but long may it last and long may the decent Home Learnings keep coming. In the meantime we plan to make trailers for KS4 and KS5 (a draft one is there now) and move onto making our own revision videos and possibly cover lessons, but that requires more time!

If you have used YouTube in any other ways please let me know as I am fascinated to expand this.

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